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Tenancy Agreements


Whether you are a landlord planning to take on tenants or a tenant preparing to move into a property, ensuring that the right tenancy agreement is in place can significantly improve your relationship and guarantee that the issues and complications that sometimes arise later are minimised or where possible, avoided completely.


A tenancy agreement will provide you with certain rights as either a landlord or tenant, including your right as a tenant to occupy the property, or your right as a landlord for letting the property and receiving rent. The tenancy agreement is a contract drawn up between a tenant and a landlord. It is often a written document, however, can also be an oral agreement.

Whether you are the landlord or tenant, your will need to make specific arrangements in relation to the tenancy. These arrangements will form parts of the tenancy agreement providing that they do not conflict with the law, in which case they will be invalidated by each parties legal position. Landlords and tenants both have rights and responsibilities given by law. These statutory rights are enforceable by law and it is not possible for a tenancy agreement to be enforced where the rights stated are deemed to be less than the statutory rights.




"Ensuring the right agreement is in place can avoid many issues that often arise later down the road... "

  • Drafting and ending agreements
  • Advice on obligations
  • Drafting notices
  • Issuing proceedings
  • Applying for bailiffs warrants



At Ash Solicitors we can provide you with advice when drafting your agreements, ensuring that all terms are legal, binding and enforceable by law. We can also assist you when ending a tenancy agreement, whether the agreement has reached the end of its term or even in circumstances where you need to end an agreement early.

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