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Family Mediation


During the difficult times of marriage or relationship breakdowns, lengthy and costly court proceedings are not the only option. Mediation can often help establish and facilitate communication between you and your spouse to come to a more mutual agreement.


Mediation is a way of resolving your disputes in a family relationship breakdown to help both of you to reach your own outcome.  Mediation sessions can be attended before or during court action. 

Mediation can reduce the need for expensive and contested court proceedings which makes it more amicable than taking the matter through the courts; It is aimed at reducing bitterness and conflict between the parties and can improve communication between you;  It can help children cope better with their parents’ separation; It can produce an agreement which is workable for both of you; It can provide a calm setting in which you can both focus on the needs of children etc…. 

In a mediation session, the mediator will remain impartial and neutral.  It will be to facilitate a meeting(s) to give both of you the opportunity to discuss issues of concern in your marriage and issues relating to property, children and other assets as well as raising issues of doubts.

A meeting can be set up at a time suitable for both of you and may be by way of a Skype conference. 




"Divorce and court proceedings are not your only option..."

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At Ash Solicitors we can set up a mediation session(s) at a time suitable for both of you either in person at our offices or via Skype conference if that is more suitable.

If you are thinking about getting divorced or separating from your partner and believe that a mediation session could help, please contact us on

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