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There are many reasons why you might find yourself homeless, from being evicted from your home to living with someone who is violent or abusive. No matter what the reason, if you find yourself homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, it is important to know that you have options.


Homelessness means not having a home that you have access to or the right to live at an address. Some people have no roof over their head and sleep on the street, in doorways or on night buses. But much more, homelessness may be hidden – you could be homeless if you sleep on a friend's sofa or in their spare room, or in a squat.
You might be entitled to help as a homeless person if you are:

  • Temporarily staying with friends or family
  • Staying in a hostel or night shelter
  • Living in very overcrowded conditions
  • At risk of violence or abuse in your home
  • Living in poor conditions that affect your health.

You may also be considered to be homeless if you are:

  • Living somewhere that you can't afford to pay for without depriving yourself of basic essentials
  • Forced to live apart from your family or someone you would normally live with because your accommodation isn't suitable.



"Homelessness is not just about living on the streets..."

  • Starting divorce proceedings
  • Help with accommodation
  • Assistance with Appeals
  • Representation



At Ash Solicitors we can advise and assist with making representation to the local authority your their behalf. Assisting with appeals  to the local authority and the courts.

If you find yourself in a position to be considered homeless, and need advice on your legal rights, contact us today for legal advice or to arrange an initial consultation on

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