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In any case where children are involved, the parents, when separating need to consider the needs of those children. Because of their own needs, parents tend to overlook those of their children, who often suffer in such situations.


In a family environment, there are many issues that can affect a separating couple. Often in such situations it is the children, however, that can actually be most impacted, both physically and emotionally.
It is important to understand that children caught up in such troubled and difficult family environments, are also protected by law, most of which fall under the Children's Act 1989, which lays out a number of rules in both private law and care proceedings.
The Children's Act is concerned with the welfare and general upbringing of a child. Private children law broadly covers:

  • Contact
  • Prohibitive Steps
  • Custody Agreements
  • Consent Orders
  • Specific Issue

Care proceedings are where local authority groups such as Social Services can take actions including removing a child from a risky or harmful environment.



"Children are often the victims of unfortunate situations during family separation..."

  • Contact
  • Prohibitive steps
  • Custody agreements
  • Consent orders
  • Care proceeding



At Ash Solicitors we can advise you on your rights and assist in the process, whether in private law children's proceedings or public care proceedings.

If you are seeking advice on any child related issues affecting your children or you need assistance in arranging contact or applying for court orders, please contact us

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