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Tenant evictions are often times of increased stress and anxiety. Fear of damage to property, recovering property from irritated tenants, serving notices and possession orders, or arranging for court bailiffs can all lead to unnecessary tension during an already difficult process.


When evicting troublesome tenants, it is important to note there are various types of notices that can be served, each of which go through different processes. Before serving a notice you need to be sure, based on reasonable grounds, that the chosen form of notice is valid. You should also:

  • Ensure that before issuing a notice you have gathered any evidence, which may not be available after issuing it, as the tenant may not be cooperative.
  • Decide whether the information available is strong enough to support the notice if the tenant challenges it.

You must consider whether a notice will survive if the tenant intends to challenge it. You will normally need to ensure that:

  • You have complied with the requirements for that type of notice, as set out by law;
  • You have acted reasonably in serving the notice;
  • The wording of the notice is sufficiently clear. Any breach of the law, remedial action, and date for compliance, should be clear from the words of the notice;
  • The notice is properly served.



"When all else fails with a tenant, sometimes the only way is out..."

  • Serving Notices
  • Enforcing Possession Orders



At Ash Solicitors we can advise and assist you in preparing, reviewing and serving the right documents to evict tenants, including assistance in obtaining the orders from the courts. We can also advise on the legal grounds upon which you may seek possession and eviction at various points in the life of the tenancy agreement.

If you are a landlord seeking to remove a difficult tenant, are just seeking advice on serving notices, or if you are ready to remove someone(s), contact us today for legal advice or to arrange an initial consultation on

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